Why Work with HunterPrep?

Open Positions: private tutor

     Gain real work experience.

Your job as a HunterPrep Instructor will involve:
 • building relationships with students + families,
 • managing test preparation for multiple clients,
 • supporting intellectual growth in children,
 • working 1-on-1 with students.

Our tutors must demonstrate a commitment to education, interpersonal skills, and leadership ability.
     Set your own schedule.

As a HunterPrep Instructor, you will communicate directly with students and their families to schedule private sessions. Work on your own time!

     This is a Ground-floor opportunity.

HunterPrep is a rapidly growing company. We plan on offering a wider range of products and services in the near future. And we are always looking for ambitious, innovative workers to add to our administrative staff.

     Earn competitive pay.

Our starting compensation for private HCHS test prep tutors is among the highest in the industry. Moreover, most HunterPrep tutors get a 100% pay increase within the first two months of joining us!

(10 minutes or less to complete. Promise!)