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Congratulations to our 2018 students, 19 of whom were accepted!


A team of HCHS students and alumni to help you gain admission

As one of the most prestigious high schools in the nation, Hunter College High School has a brutal acceptance rate—only 170 out of 2000 test-takers pass the entrance exam. Many of us are upperclassmen or alumni of Hunter, so we understand exactly how overwhelming this selection process can be. Here’s the good news: you’ve come to the right place! We know the ins and outs of the Hunter test, utilize excellent test prep materials, and boast the highest success rate of any test prep institution in NYC. 

Proprietary HCHS Test Prep

As current and former students of Hunter, we have test prep resources tailored for the HCHS entrance exam. Take advantage of our sample tests, writing assignments, and math drills. You won't find them anywhere else!

Best Tutors in Town

Some of us have earned recognition from corporate giants like Intel. Others have won awards from esteemed groups in academia. We all share the qualities that make a teacher great—positivity and a love for spreading knowledge.

Unmatched 55% Success

Over half of our students have been offered admission to Hunter. We attribute this success to our core philosophy: fundamentals first. We shape our students into creative thinkers and engaged minds, not just test-takers.


Our tutors have been recognized by...


We strive to produce confident, self-reliant thinkers


...not test-taking robots.

We don’t believe in memorizing lists of vocabulary or mindlessly using formulas. Our mantra is "fundamentals first." Once a student develops an intuition for speed/time/distance relationships, they will effectively manage rate problems on the mathematics section. Once they grasp the basics of sentence structure, they will tackle vocabulary questions with ease. Your child will leave HunterPrep thoroughly prepared for the Hunter test and for high school at large, ready to shine among their peers.




Happy customers!

Looking back, I’m glad I clicked on your Google ad. I don’t think any other tutoring service can offer the same level of insight into the Hunter admissions process. Now my daughter is looking forward to 6 years at Hunter!
— Oladipo A. (parent)
There were a ton of options for HCHS test prep, but HunterPrep was just the right choice. These tutors really know their stuff. My son has learned to write substantive essays and take tests with confidence — I am blown away by his progress and HunterPrep’s support.
— Edward S. (parent)
I got better feedback on my writing assignments from you than my teachers at school! And after taking so many of your practice tests, I felt really comfortable on the actual Hunter test.
— Shubh K. (student)